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    Ultra-Flexible Tech May Monitor the Brain

    Brain activity can be monitored in real-time with tiny injectable flexible electronics, according to a new study done in mice.Such devices could one day be used to map brain activity, or even stimulate activity to help treat people with disorders such as Parkinson's disease, scientists added.Traditional electronics are rigid, but inventors have recently developed flexible and stretchable electronics. These new devices could potentially lead to video screens one could roll up or fold to fit in a pocket. Read more...

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    Apple Black Hole, the iPhone of 2020?

    Technology is growing at a fast pace. These days Apple is working on 3D display using holographic images called Apple Black Hole. This is an advanced 2020 technology. To know more about this upcoming technology, read this article about Apple Black Hole phones from Apple lab.
    Designer Josselin Zaïgouche, who created the Zero Phone we’ve shown you half an year ago has now sent us an incredible design, the Apple Black Hole concept, possibly the iPhone of the year 2020. “What’s going to happen in 10 years” asks the designer and the answer should look something like this.
    As you can see, the Apple Black Hole comprises 4 components: the charging base, the Prism, the Black Hole and the giftbox. Things get interesting when you try to use the handset… its central ball will levitate when you open your hand and all functions will be controlled in mid-air, with the aid of holographic technology. How cool is that?
    The Black Hole concept phone can be connected to the charging base and used as a desktop device, still projecting the needed interface. Brilliant? Yes! Viable? Maybe…
    The Apple Black Hole mobile phone has only four components:
    1- A charging base
    2- The Prism
    3- The Black Hole handset itself
    4- A Giftbox.

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