Professor Muhammad Ali (Principal)

Professor Habibullah Saeedi (Vice Principal)

Department of Botany

Associate Professor Amir Muhammad (Head)
Lecturer Asfandyar Nawab

Department of Physics

Assistant Professor Sajjad Hussian (Head)
Assistant Professor Dr. Safdar Shah
Assistant Professor Syed Yawar Abbas
Assistant Professor Khurram Shehzad
Assistant Professor Abdul Wahab
Lecturer Aftab Hussain
Lecturer Khuda Bakhsh
Lecturer Muhammad Raza

Department of Mathematics

Assistant Professor Habib Ali (Head)
Assistant Professor Abbas Agha
Assistant Professor Hussain Agha
Lecturer Asadullah
Lecturer Muzammil Abbas
Lecturer Asim Majeed

Department of Urdu Literature

Assistant Professor Syed Abu Turab Jaffary (Head)
Lecturer Mohsin Changazi
Lecturer Mustafa Shahid

Department of Civics/Political Science

Assistant Professor Kaleemullah Taran (Head)

Department of Islamiat

Professor Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh Qamar (Head)
Assistant Professor Habibullah Saeedi

Department of Economics

Associate Professor Shafiq ur Rehman(Head)
Associate Professor Abdul Khaliq Bangulzai
Associate Professor Mehmood ur Rauf

Department of Geography

Lecturer Muhammad Iqbal Sumalani(Head)

Department of Pakistan Studies

Assistant Professor Ayaz Mehmood (Head)

Assistant Professor Agha Sher Ali Qazalbash

Department of Balochi Literature

Lecturer Agha Zahid (Head)

College Clerical Staff

Muhammad Mehdi (Office Superintendent)
Tanveer Hussain (Superintendent)
Abdul Ali (Assistant)
Muhammad Taqi (Assistant)
Muhammad Irfan (Stenographer)
Ghulam Hussain (Junior Clerk)


Department of Zoology

Associate Professor Abdul Ahad Taren (Head)
Assistant Professor Syed Abid Ali Abid
Assistant Professor Shakir Hussain

Department of Chemistry

Assistant Professor Attiq Qadeer (Head)
Assistant Professor Sabirullah Bazai
Lecturer Muhammad Asif
Lecturer Muhammad Younas

Department of English Literature

Assistant Professor Syed Zafar Raza (Head)
Assistant Professor Jawad Ali Anjum
Lecturer Noman Barech
Lecturer Abdul Raziq

Department of History

Assistant Professor Akbar Ali Soomro (Head)
Assistant Professor Mahboob Khan Jogezai

Department of Persian Literature

Assistant Professor Muhammad Taqi (Head)
Lecturer Ali Baba Taj
Lecturer Muhammad Zaheer Jamal

Department of Statistics

Lecturer Iftikhar Ahmed Khan (Head)
Lecturer Abdul Qayyum Nasir
Lecturer Qamar Shoukat Amin

Department of Physical Education

Assistant Professor Sakhawat Hussain (Head)

Library and Information Science

Lecturer Ramzan Ali Nadeem (Head)

College Laboratory Assistants

Fazal Elahi (Chemistry Lab)
Ali Muhammad (Physics Lab)
Manzoor Hussain (Zoology Lab)
Shahid Iqbal (Botany Lab)
Sharafat Hussain
Farman Ali (Computer Lab)

Department of Social-work

Assistant Professor Abdul Rahim Changazi (Head)

Department of Sociology

Assistant Professor Naseer Ahmad (Head)
Lecturer Hakimullah

Department of Pashto Literature

Lecturer Muhammad Nasim Agha (Head)

Department of Computer Science

Lecturer Syed Hassan Faraz (Head)

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